The National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology will receive a grant of up to $35 million over the next five years to improve drug manufacturing standards in the US.

The grant, awarded by the US Food and Drug Administration, will be spent on the research of drug development in the hope of decreased manufacturing costs and improving the safety of drugs.

In addition, the investment is set to help reverse the current outsourcing trends in the pharmaceutical industry by improving the US’ manufacturing competitiveness

FDA Office of Pharmaceutical Sciences director Helen Winkle said: "Over the last several years, NIPTE has contributed a great deal of research toward our understanding of quality pharmaceutical manufacturing. Progress in this area will mean safer, more efficient, and less costly drug production here in the US, and we are looking forward to NIPTE’s findings."

The investment will support programmes to rectify drug development and manufacturing problems, by creating ways to reduce time to market, enabling new performance attributes, improving small-batch production or saving money and energy.

NIPTE partners with ten US universities that are leaders in pharmaceutical science and engineering, including the Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Puerto Rico, University of Connecticut and the University of Iowa.