Each week, Pharmaceutical Technology’s journalists analyse data on patent filings and grants that illustrate innovation trends in our sector. These patent signals show where the leading companies are focusing their research and development investment, and why. We uncover key innovation areas in the sector and the themes that drive them.  

This new, thematic patents coverage is powered by our underlying Disruptor data which tracks all major deals, patents, company filings, hiring patterns and social media buzz across our sectors.  

This week, we take a look at geographic and therapy trends when it comes to patent filings by entities in the pharmaceutical space over Q2 2023. In that time period, China was a clear leader in terms of the number of patent grants. This was then followed by the US, Japan and South Korea.

Geographic distribution of patent filings in the pharmaceutical space in Q2. Source: GlobalData.

Patents allow biotech and pharmaceutical companies to stand out in the competitive therapeutic research and development landscape. Most patents filed in Q2 were related to inflammation-related research, followed closely by diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. This is in line with recent trends with drugs in those therapy areas, especially diabetes and obesity, emerging as major revenue streams for companies.

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