Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies and BioBridge Global subsidiary, GenCure, have entered a new partnership agreement to expand and integrate cell and gene therapy manufacturing solutions.

In a bid to meet the growing demand for automated and closed smart systems across the cell and gene therapy (CGT) industry, the companies entered the deal to merge technologies and capabilities.

These smart systems enable response and modification on a real-time basis to the living treatments being produced inside the systems.

In the initial stage, the alliance will use Terumo and GenCure’s capabilities to set up a reference manufacturing centre for BioBridge. This comprises the co-development of core processes and production operations. 

GenCure will be able to offer a comprehensive solution for cell and gene therapy developers using the reference site. 

The site will be located at the process development and cGMP manufacturing facility of GenCure at VelocityTX campus in San Antonio, Texas, US.

To permit in-plant streamlining of processes and user feedback, Terumo will offer various products from its portfolio and also invest in new products and process usage.

GenCure will utilise its well-developed capabilities in cell collection, cell and gene therapy manufacturing and fill-finish equipment of Terumo. 

This will expand its portfolio for developers who need assistance with manufacturing and process optimisation.

The three-year partnership is planned to be conducted in two phases. 

In the first stage, Terumo will be able to choose from its portfolio of automated and closed-cell and gene therapy manufacturing devices and share the services that GenCure offers. 

This combination will aid in addressing the key industry gaps in manufacturing capacity and operational capabilities. 

The second phase will aid GenCure and other subsidiaries of BioBridge to utilise data management solutions and value-added services of Terumo to transition between clinical and production sites by facilitating leukapheresis products’ chain-of-custody/identity and consistency.

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies Cell Therapy Technologies general manager Delara Motlagh said: “We are now combining our product portfolios, expertise and management to provide a vital link between cell collection sites and cell and gene therapy manufacturing sites while addressing capacity and ensuring GMP production. 

“This will provide a route to deliver cutting-edge cell and gene therapies through pursuing new standards of collection and manufacturing, including quality, consistency and demonstrated scalability.”

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