Syntegon’s AIM Automated Inspection Machines offer the best quality inspection services powered by artificial intelligence. We developed our first Automatic Inspection Machine, the AIM275, in Japan in 1975 – this marked the first use of SD technology in particle detection, which has since become a staple of many pharmaceutical production facilities. Today, both camera-based inspection and SD technology can be integrated in highly modular, compact devices to enable high-performance and flexible visual inspection.

AIM 2|5 Series – Automated Inspection with Artificial Intelligence

The AIM 2|5 Series is built on a deep learning-based visual inspection system that boosts inspection accuracy, especially for items difficult to inspect with conventional techniques. For particle inspection, either the SD sensor or image-subtracting method can be selected depending on your project needs. The direct spin motors can also be used to control individual rotation profiles according to product requirements.

The system’s Tracking Inspection System allows for a highly accurate and controlled measurement, even during handling, while its modular design makes it compact and enables the full integration of denesting and renesting syringes (DIR). In addition, Syntegon‘s VPN solution mGuard enables secure and quick remote service delivery (a signed Remote Service Agreement is required).

AIM 3000 ‒ Combining Visual Inspection, HVLD and Operational Excellence

Syntegon’s AIM 3000 guarantees high detection rates of moving particles by checking twice on two identical stations. It combines high-resolution CMOS cameras of 12Mpix with transmission and reflection light to maximise inspection performance. The system provides advanced image capturing with up to 36 pictures per container on each inspection station.

The AIM 3000 follows a modular machine concept, with multiple inspections possible for each station:

  • Pre-inspection station: Gross defects are inspected and rejected before entering the main turret
  • Additional inspection stations: Based on your requirements, a broad range of inspection criteria can be added to your customised solution
  • Moving particle inspection stations 1 and 2: Combining two identical stations, both using reflection and transmission lighting, to increase the detection probability
  • High-voltage leak detection (HVLD) module: fully integrated container closure integrity testing via HVLD

AIM 8000 Series ‒ AI-Ready, Versatile Platform for a Wide Variety of Products

The AIM 8000 is a flexible modular machine designed for customised solutions, with a vision system built to handle highly complex inspection requirements for particulate and cosmetic defects. It consists of pre-inspection, main and sub modules, which house inspection stations and prepare products for them, as well as a direct spin system, which rotates containers to agitate particles and enables flexible adjustment of spin direction/speed to meet specific handling needs.

Highlights of the AIM 8000 machine include:

  • Wide container range
  • Megapixels – camera type
  • Highest resolution vision systems
  • Accurate particle detection executed in a single inspection station, using transmission and reflective light technology with LED
  • AI technology – Image-processing with deep-learning algorithms applied to difficult- to-inspect parenterals (DIP)
    – Higher production yield due to lower false reject rate
    – Enhanced detection capability
    – Validated in production
  • Quick toolless changeover and smooth container conveyance
  • Automated re-inspection function
  • Low maintenance design