Gerresheimer’s pharmaceutical ampoules are made with years of expertise and are in demand by customers worldwide.

Even its standard range of Gx®Ampoules offers you a wide variety of high-quality products. Several options complete this range and enable the company to match the type and properties of its Gx®Ampoules to your special requirements and needs beyond the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) norms.

Gerresheimer attaches particular importance to innovative technologies. Often in partnership with its customers, the company continuously develops and refines these across the entire process chain.

The quality of the Gx®Ampoules is monitored at every stage of the ongoing production process by state-of-the-art in-line camera systems, right through to complete inspection of the printing. The excellent dimensional stability of our Gx®Ampoules allows for high-speed filling and sealing operations.

Key features of Gx®Ampoules include:

  • Type I glass, compliant to European Pharmacopoeia / US Pharmacopoeia (USP) and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)
  • Flint and amber glass ampoules
  • Filling capacities from 1ml to 30ml
  • Straight-stem, funnel-type and closed ampoules (ISO types B, C and D and customised special shapes)
  • Various break systems such as one point cut (OPC), colour break ring (CBR) and score ring (SCR) with optimised opening forces
  • Identification with up to three coloured code rings or customised ceramic printing with heavy-metal-free inks
  • Optimised designs for lyophilisation
  • Production and packaging under current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) conditions
  • Drug master file type III