Cartridge-based DrugDeliverySystem

Weibel CDS develops and produces innovative, user friendly, application-oriented injection systems and devices.

Supporting safer, easier, and faster preparation and administration of drugs, Weibel integrates all functions and parts needed for a specific drug application into one product.

The user only needs to open one package and the complete handling is complete. It is also set in a closed system to reduce contamination, handling errors, and needle stick injuries.

DrugDeliverySystems of Weibel CDS are ready to use and do not require the patient to transfer the drug into the system. A unique pump system and an automatic needle insertion for subcutaneous (SC) infusions makes the process safer and easier. Thanks to a disposable and a re-usable unit, the product’s economic footprint is also reduced.

The drive unit, controller, and batteries are re-used and not discarded once the infusion is completed. There is also a fully disposable design available using economic components.

The most familiar use of pump systems is for insulin, where such systems are widely accepted. Unfortunately, all systems available today require patients to transfer the drug into the pump by using a syringe. Self-medication is heavily dependent on the ability of the patients to prepare and manipulate the injection device. Especially for elderly patients, this can be a major issue.

Weibel’s DrugDeliverySystem is designed to accept standard 3ml insulin cartridges of all insulin manufacturers. Barely larger than the cartridge itself, the system is extremely small yet still incorporates all functions including a unique pump system, a needle insertion system, a battery, a drive, and an electronic control unit.

The pump system is extremely powerful to overcome break loose forces and offers a smooth gliding of the rubber stopper during injection.

The device is patched to the body, often the abdomen, and may be operated via an external control unit.
Once the cartridge is emptied, the patient receives an alert requesting a change of the disposable part including a new, full cartridge. The battery of the reusable part can be reloaded. One battery load supports a minimum of 3-5 days operation.