Gerresheimer is an approved cartridges manufacturer for numerous applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

The company’s Gx® cartridges range from 1.5ml to 10ml in clear and amber (glass type I).

To fulfil the quality demands of its customers, all Gx® Cartridge lines are equipped with visual inspection systems for 100% dimensional control.

In addition, the company’s most modern lines use visual inspection systems to check for cosmetic defects and line-scan cameras to control the glazed end. Final packaging is performed under controlled environmental conditions.

Key features of the Gx® cartridges include:

  • Dental cartridges
  • Type I glass, compliant to European Pharmacopoeia / US Pharmacopoeia (USP) / Japan Pharmacopoeia (JP)
  • Sizes from 1.5ml to 3.0ml, larger sizes up to 10.0ml on request
  • Visual inspection systems for 100% dimensional control
  • Designs according to DIN ISO:11040-1 and 13926-1; customised formats on request
  • Customised ceramic printing with heavy-metal-free inks
  • Packaging options such as a polypropylene (PP) box, a tray and shrink wrap
  • Suitable for standard filling and packaging equipment
  • Drug master file type III