Still the undisputable number one mid-range system for tablets, caplets and capsules, ever since its introduction almost two decades ago.

The CF counters are primarily designed for seamless integration into complete packaging lines but can also easily be used as a standalone solution for numerous pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

The CF-1220 counting and filling system

The standard CF model has a single-track bottle conveyor, but its versatile design makes it possible to remove the conveyor and use the counting machine for hand-filling or integration with rotary bottles to achieve even higher outputs on large counts. It is possible to equip the CF-1220 with a secondary counter and a double-track bottle conveyor. Both models can achieve speed respectively up to 5,500 or 11,000 products per minute.

High reliability

The CF-1220 is a 12-channel linear tablet and capsule counter with integrated single-track bottle conveyor. The linear concept with three vibratory plates for efficient product separation and infra-red product detection guarantees 100% accurate counts. Combined with a fast-acting bottle gating system, the CF-1220 has a typical output of 55 bottles on a 100-count bottle. With its cGMP compliant design, FDA approved contact parts and 21CFR part 11 compliant HMI, the CF-1220 meets all US and European pharma-grade standards.

100% accuracy

The infra-red detection system is able to identify unusual shapes, broken tablets, twins and clumps of products and take appropriate action accordingly by rejecting the faulty bottle onto a reject table. The detection system remains unaffected by product dust.

Vibratory nozzle

The vibrating filling nozzle gently forces the products into bottles that have a small-sized bottleneck without damaging them.

Ease of operation

The CF-1220 can be delivered with a touch-sensitive HMI or a small hand-held operating terminal.

Technical data

Output (on average 100 count)  55 bottles/min

Bottles shape                                               Round, square, rectangular

Bottles material                                           Glass, plastic (HDPE, PETE)

Bottles height                                               40 – 200 mm (1.37 – 7.9”)

Bottles diameter / width                            20 – 110 (0.8 – 4.9”)

Solids type                                                     Tablets (coated and uncoated), capsules, gel caps, etc.

Solids length                                                 2 – 30 mm (0.08 – 1.18”)

Solids diameter / width                2 – 20 mm (0.08 – 0.79”)

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