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Softgels – The Ideal Pharmaceutical Form

Softgels are an effective delivery system for oral drugs products, especially those with low-solubility and permeability (BCS classes II, III and IV).

These ingredients are mainly liquids or semisolids, which are difficult to incorporate into other solid dosage forms such as tablets.

Softigel’s softgels are:

  1. Pharmaceutically acceptable for oral use
  2. Sufficiently soluble to dissolve a given dose in a small volume

Enteric Coated Softgels

Enteric-coated softgels can stabilise acid-sensitive products. It’s coating delays the onset of action, improves tolerance, and reduces poor aftertastes.

Enteric-coated softgels protect acid-labile active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and avoid gastric irritation and reflux. This is because the API is not delivered in the stomach and instead targets drug delivery in the small intestine, which is preferred to treat intestinal disease.

Enteric-Clear Softgel

Enteric-Clear Softgels use the Enteric-Coated Softgel method of stabilising acid-sensitive drugs, but it has a patient-appealing aesthetic.

Consumers often prefer clear capsules over opaque and this design also means fewer steps in the development process, as no coating is necessary.

Other benefits include life-cycle management extension of enteric soft gelatin capsules (SGC) based on functional coatings and all ingredients are generally recognised as safe (GRAS) and are commonly used the industry.

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