METO Systems offers column lifts, stationary and mobile equipment positioners, and mini utility lifts to help you transport goods around your workspace easily and safely.

Stationary Column Lifts

METO Systems’ platform lifts are a smooth, efficient way to move products, containers, tools and equipment around your manufacturing facility. Our engineering expertise makes our platform lifts ideal for clean process areas, for which forklifts and freight elevators are not suitable.

Regardless of your facility’s layout, METO Systems’ platform lifts can reach separate floors, elevated charging chutes and positions both above and below processing equipment. Our full line of sanitary platform lifts let you service your mezzanine process areas, your tank/reactor charging operations and any other section of the building you need to access.

Our platform lifts are made of stainless steel with fine finishes ideal for hygienic and sanitary operations. They include options for a variety of interlocked gates and barriers, making them safe, secure and ready to access any process area.

Stationary Equipment Positioner

METO Systems’ stainless-steel equipment positioners are designed to be safe, easy-to-use and reliable. Regardless of your operation type, many production and manufacturing processes call for lifting and then positioning process equipment over mix tanks or in line with the flowing material.

METO Systems’ equipment positioners more than meet this challenge with intuitive controls that greatly simplify raising and lowering equipment, and include other options to meet your operation’s specific and unique needs. METOLIFT™ lift columns offer the option of manual or powered swivel (rotation) of the lift column to allow the elevated load to be repositioned.

Mobile Equipment Positioner

METO Systems’ stainless steel mobile column lifts are designed with intuitive controls that simplify raising and lowering of the equipment along with several other options to complete specific processes. Our lift columns offer the option of manual or powered swivel (rotation) of the lift column to facilitate the positioning of the elevated load.

The mobile lifting equipment allows contact with the plant control system with its communication integration, while the mobile design supports lifting at multiple destinations. The fail-safe lift mechanism and interlocking with gates and barriers prevent loss of utility and ensure enhanced safety. The mobile design lift has a rational column to ensure precision positioning. METO Systems’ mobile column lifts are designed to ensure safety, ease of use and reliability.

Mini Utility Lifts

METO Systems’ mini utility lifts offer a robust yet economical lifting solution. The MiniLIFT sanitary utility lift is a reliable, budget-friendly lift that can be used for a variety of tasks at a cost well below that of its larger counterparts.

A wide range of configurations and attachments service tasks ranging from the simple elevation of storage containers to the grasping, lifting and inverting of process containers. Multiple attachments and quick-change configurations make this a versatile performer.

METO offers the MiniLIFT line for those who are looking for a lower cost yet reliable lift to service a wide variety of lifting tasks. Built using stainless steel, the MiniLIFT is available with battery-powered or pneumatic lift systems. It is configured specifically with the requirements of a clean process area in mind.