In the pharmaceutical industry, Metisafe Containment Booths are mainly used to prevent operators from hazardous dust accumulated during powder handling activities.

Metisafe containment / weighing booths

Handling of toxic, allergic or hazardous raw materials in pharmacy and cosmetic mass productions require sampling-weighing rooms (containment booths) for personnel protection. Beside of personnel safety keeping material clean from airborne contamination, sources are the basic functions of those units.

Metisafe containment/dispensing booths indoor environment protected against particle entrances by proper airflow dynamic designs and automatic air velocity compensations while providing personnel traffic between room and outdoor.

Metisafe downflow containment booths are differentiated (Positive, Negative or Neutral Pressure) depending on material MSDS specification and/or requirements of a production plant. Metisafe powder containment booth designs also allow to make type revisions in the request or need at the preinstalled unit. Validation and accredited test company test conformity is guaranteed when installation and setup are made by Metiafe and/or Metisafe certified technical service.

Full compliance to the regulations

As a supplier and partner to pharma companies, Metisafe follows and complies the latest international health and safety standards for providing the best solution for its clients. Our containment solutions and associated documentation meet the relevant: EC GMP, ISO and other standard and guidelines.

 General features

  • Modular stainless-steel main body
  • Easily reachable mechanical control unit
  • Homogeneous Illumination
  • Advanced automation system
  • Pre and high performance HEPA filters
  • DOP test port


  • CFD Analyzed Laminar, Homogenous and Non-Turbulent Air Flow Dynamics
  • Detailed CFD Configured Non-Dead Zone Diffuser
  • Cruise Controlled Filter Compensation Against Increasing Filter Resistance
  • EC Fan Motor Conforming Continuous Work and Low Energy Consumption
  • Easy Central HVAC System Integration
  • Easy-Clean Monoblock Radiused Corner Panels
  • Negative Plenum High Performance HEPA Fan Filter Unit