The CT3 is a compression and tension test instrument.

The CT3 is a robust compression and tension test instrument that uses various fixtures to assess the integrity of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Brookfield has developed a line of fixtures and accessories for the instrument to help tackle pharmaceutical challenges.

CT3 provides a choice of five load ranges of up to 50kg and a range of probes and accessories for applications.

In addition, two adjustable base tables allow versatility of sample testing and six tests modes are available, as well as a calibration check.

Up to ten additional customised test methods can be stored. The CT3 has an easy-to-read display and intuitive controls, which provides a ‘real life’ insight into physical properties.

Other benefits of the CT3 include:

  • Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) specific for the food industry
  • USB and RS232 outputs
  • Conforms fully with GME and GMIA monographs for gelatin Bloom assessment with a built-in Bloom test function
  • Gelatin Bath System available for sample conditioning
  • Supplied with texture loader software to allow creation of up to ten customised tests
  • Can be used with TexturePro CT to easily create custom reports and graphs