The Sanner Dropper Cap is a very good example of our in-house design and development competence.

It is designed for precise dosing of critical liquids and remains firmly on the bottle, unscrewing is not possible, so the patient cannot screw off and bypass the medication which leads to a better patient adherence and prevents the contents from being taken over- or under-dosed.

After filling, the Sanner Dropper Cap has to be screwed on the glass bottle and is separated from the content by an integrated sealing. This enlarges the shelf-life of the drug especially if we talk about natural substances which might engage with plastic materials. So here the pharmacist has the possibility to pack also critical liquids. Critical concerning shelf-life because of sensitivity of oxygen as well as critical concerning engagement of the liquid with the plastic cap.

In this respect, an additional advantage is the facilitation of the logistic chain, especially if we talk about transportation to other continents. Of course, also the Sanner Dropper Cap can be used for all other liquid drugs as well. The Sanner Dropper Cap has beside the convenient functions also extraordinary technical features. The 2-part concept consists of an upper part of the cap with an integrated dropper, which pierces a sealing when the dosing function is opened for the first time. The lower part remains permanently screwed to the bottle.

The sealing makes a 2-year shelf-life possible also for aggressive substances in the liquid. The dropper cap has to be activated by the patient. A simple and intuitive handling enables activation with little effort and an audible end position. The design of the dosing geometry is perfectly suitable for the exact dosing and dripping speed, cleanliness and residual emptying is guaranteed. Dosage can be adjusted to pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur. 0672) depending on the viscosity of the liquid drug. The FlipTop has a verifiable 250 opening cycles.

The user-friendly features, like the flip-top cap with one-hand opening and the exact dosage. Beside these application features the cap guarantees an exact dosage of the content without an extra measuring cap. The Sanner Dropper Cap has a guaranty function in form of a tamper evident band and ensures first opening by the patient. The tamper evident band is optically and haptically differentiated from the cap design itself. It is designed glossy whereas the Sanner dropper cap is matt. This haptic and optic difference enlarges the consumer safety also for persons with a visual impairment.

Sanner develops and manufacturers customized solutions not only for liquid dispensing but also for solids. Here the Sanner design team has already developed several options like dispenser sticks and drug delivery devices which combines individualized dosing of personalized medicine with digital connectivity. The results are increased prescription adherence and reduced misuse and diversion of controlled pharmaceutical substances.

Profite from a mid-sized organization with a flexible development process, the Sanner IDP-Process®, for cost efficient development and market launches in appropriate time-lines.