METO Systems provides drum inverters and manipulators for holding drums in place while products are being prepared in them.

Drum Inverters

Drum inverters are used throughout the pharmaceutical industry for transferring powders, pellets and tablets from drums. METO Systems’ drum inverters are ideal for the controlled ‘dustless’ transfer of materials from drums to downstream processes.

As opposed to ‘dumping’ devices, the inverter provides for a closed and controlled transfer. METO drum inverters are specifically designed for use in ‘clean’ areas, which are typically found in pharmaceutical and nutritional manufacturing.

METO Systems’ stainless-steel drum inverters, when used with our discharge cones and discharge control valves, offer the most reliable way to control the rate and pace at which powder is released and directed to specific ports. The cone and valve assembly also can be easily integrated into dust control and containment systems.

Drum Manipulators

Simply lifting and dumping is not always the best way to approach that step in the process; sometimes, it is necessary to accurately position your product as it flows from the drum. In industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, for example, merely tilting the drum and chute can result in extensive spillage. This is particularly true for operations that load tablets into a coater with a vertical port and deep baffles.

METO Systems’ sanitary drum manipulators are fitted with a patented cam-action lift and tilt, which means they can precisely place the discharge point inside the coater while it lifts the drum to the proper angle for discharge.

Since tilting while lifting and positioning can be risky for both the operator and the product, METO drum manipulators are equipped with powered floor-locking devices to manage this risk. The mobile base helps ensure fluidity of movement and access to the coater for discharge and maintenance, and white polyolefin wheels protect against marking.

The drum lifter and tilter helps handle heavy drums in the manufacturing unit efficiently, reducing manual labour while also reducing wastage due to spills and such others. METO Systems provides drum inventors, lifters and tilters with three different drives – pneumatic, electric and hydraulic. These tilters are very easy to install and operate; they are designed to handle drums of different sizes, and we offer customisations to suit your business needs.