ePAT enhanced jacketed lab reactor

SYSTAG’s ePAT can be added to almost any jacketed reactor to enhance it with process automation technology.

The combination of exceptional ease of operation with the option of integrating a wide array of assimilable laboratory devices enables chemists to efficiently optimise a huge variety of reactions, procedures, and processes for both, scale-up and scale-down.

ePAT helps to increase efficiency of a laboratory or entire R&D group. Process development with the new ePAT means uninterrupted data capture, online trend with all measurement data clearly displayed at any time, and a manual reporting function for logging observations or manual interventions.

The integral safety concept guarantees you uninterrupted monitoring and has been specially designed for unsupervised operation day and night.

Applications can be started immediately thanks to ePAT’s integral SYSTAG Application Manager
with its plug and play technology.