Freeze-drying systems are necessary for the stabilisation of thermolabile and sensitive products such as oncological drugs, vaccines and antibodies. The modular construction, in both the vertical and horizontal design, enables flexible coverage of the entire range of GMP-compliant systems, from small production volumes to large production batches.

To ensure reliable product quality at high volumes, we utilise an energy-efficient lyophilisation process characterised by excellent process accuracy.

FSV/FSH freeze dryer features

  • Optimised temperature distribution on the shelves ensures a stable process
  • Advanced door closing system guarantees an extremely low leak rate and contributes to excellent process reliability
  • Continuous height adjustment of the slotted door opening can be adapted to the primary package height to reduce the air exchange between the barrier system and the FD chamber
  • Improved pressure vessel for a long service life
  • Extensively pre-tested and modular software reduces errors and shortens validation times
  • Fully automatic ultra-compact filter integrity test (WIT)
  • Optimised accessibility to ice condenser in vertical systems
  • Harmonised interfaces to other filling line components from Syntegon
  • Patented, flexible and fully integrated automatic charging system
  • Freely adjustable shelf closing pressure
  • Laser welded shelves are lightweight and subsequently require less energy

Application examples

  • Vials (bulk or nested)
  • Bulk (open or closed)
  • Toxic/high potent products (BSL 1 – BSL 6)
  • Further applications on request

Customisation options

  • Automatic double spacing and tilting of the shelves
  • Dry running vacuum pumps
  • Jacket cooling
  • Venting system with compact block design
  • Heated gaskets
  • Helium leak detector
  • Version for toxic products
  • Additional sensors