We created a Hit Locator Library (HLL) that most closely represents the diversity of 2.8 M structures available from stock at Enamine. HLL is a sizable diverse set enriched with unique and latest synthesised compounds. By purchasing access to the 234 240 compounds in the HLL library, you will additionally get a broad possibility for hit expansion either from the largest commercially available Enamine’s stock or from the REAL database.

Key features

  • Latest Enamine compounds
  • Represents the entire Enamine’s stock
  • Fast track to leads

In this new edition of HLL, the clusters have become denser with at least 5 very close analogues each. The modular structure of the library allows fast prioritisation of the hit series, whereas search of analogues from 2.8 Million compounds in stock and 225 000 building blocks collection for fast analogues synthesis facilitates efficient hit expansion and follow-up. Also, HLL is available for prompt supply in convenient pre-plated formats.