Syntegon and Lighthouse Instruments have combined their complementary strengths to offer an automated platform for precise and gentle leak detection and closure integrity testing using laser-based headspace analysis (HSA). Laser-based HSA is the preferred leak detection method for products filled under vacuum or purged with inert gases, as well as parenteral products.

The KHS 1100 is available with up to two Lighthouse HSA modules, while the KHS 1200 offers the possibility to integrate up to four HSA modules.

Machine highlights

  • Multi-head configurations possible: extending measurement time (aggregating signals of multiple heads, thus reducing measurement noise), or combining moisture/pressure and oxygen measurements
  • Calibration, verification and product measurement with same configuration, all vials passing all (stationary) laser heads
  • Method development and validation based on more than 20 years of experience
  • Individual pitch for each format allows longer measurement time at maximum output
  • Automatic re-inspection
  • Later addition of laser modules or formats and products possible
  • Modular design with various in-feed/out-feed options
  • Smooth sorting with optional exact counting

Laser-based headspace analysis (HSA) measures absorption by oxygen and/or water vapour molecules and rejects containers with elevated oxygen, pressure or moisture levels. The non destructive and rapid optical method is sensitive to all leak sizes and it detects both temporary and permanent leaks.

System calibration details

  • Gas standards made of customer glass, filled with specific gas compositions (eg. 0% and 40% oxygen), flame-sealed and provided with traceable certificates
  • Four permanent standards on inspection star wheel
    – Respective gaps are generated by start/stop screw
    – Automated initial configuration routine
    – Continuous calibration monitoring and background correction
  • Verification with seperate set of reference standards
    – Covering the full measurement range (e. g. 0-25% or vacuum to 1atm)
    – For OQ and on a regular basis to bracket batches
  • Recirculation mode to conveniently collect statistical data, incl. reporting
  • Recording of individual measurement values for in-depth analyses