New Product Development (NPD) is a key process within all companies aspiring to grow and acquire new customers. Very often the management of NPD processes is left to small teams that act more or less autonomously without following a structured organisation.

Typically, problems that may arise are:

  • A lack of transparency on ongoing activities and their progress
  • A lack of involvement of key stakeholders in important decisions
  • A lack of visibility of top-management over corporate development activities

Lean NPD software

Lean NPD is Cloud-based software, but can also be installed on a customer-owned server, allowing companies to organise all NPD activities. The tool fits well with the work-flow already present at the customer’s premises and to the sharing of managerial and operational responsibilities. Also, the data managed by the system can be structured according to the customer’s needs.

Lean NPD’s main features are:

  • Complete project management, from idea to market launch
  • Sharing information
  • Management of approvals, according to the company’s pre-existing processes
  • Information management and project plan
  • Advanced data protection

Our NPD project management system also features a dashboard that allows top management and stakeholders to view key metrics.

The system is ready for integration with external systems such as:

  • Oracle Agile PLM
  • Microsoft Project Server
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SAP
  • Various business intelligence and data analysis systems