SIRION Biotech provides engineered Lentivirus vectors for gene expression and knockdown. Lentivirus vectors are the method of choice whenever a fast, efficient and cost-effective generation of stable cell models is required.

SIRION BIOTECH`s custom lentivirus vector service enable constitutive and inducible gene modification. Vectors for overexpression and gene knockdown can be realised in less than four weeks. The company’s multicistronic vector designs result in highly homogeneous, stable cell models avoiding time-consuming clonal selection post-transduction.

With the all-in-one inducible vector system, SIRION enables working with difficult, cytotoxic genes and short hairpin ribonucleic acid (shRNA) strategies.

Custom Lentivirus at a glance:

  • Highly homogeneous stable cell pools through optimised vector design
  • Reliable gene delivery into dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Fast, stable and strong expression
  • Induciblelentivirus technology enabling characterisation of toxic gene modulations

In addition to standard Lenti applications, SIRION Biotech offers a range of additional customisation options including a choice of custom promoters, virion modifications and potent transduction enhancers for hard-to-transduce cell types and increased tissue specificity. Any project is thoroughly discussed with the company’s customers to ensure that the resulting particles are feasibly designed and fit the final application.