With Dr. Haney Pharma’s mentoring programme, you will learn about the necessary tools and the best way to prepare for filing a marketing authorisation application (MAA).

Since the application is a challenging task, the company has developed a special training programme for clients that plan to file for a European marketing authorisation.

This will be the entrance ticket to selling your product throughout Europe and beyond.

What does the training programme include?

The Filling the Gaps Mentoring Programme for Medicinal Product Marketing Authorisation consists of 12 webinars plus individual counselling.

The webinars cover crucial issues such as EU drug application strategies, quality and good manufacturing practice, validation aspects, pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomics and reimbursement.

After the general overview and case studies in the webinar, you will have the chance to get a personal one-to-one consulting to discuss your specific situation regarding the webinar topic and what it means for you and your plans. This personal coaching can be done either on the phone, via Skype or by email.

Thus, you can really progress with your project because you learn the general background and you can prepare your documents for the marketing authorisation application efficiently.