For some contract packagers of pharmaceuticals, the ability to quickly produce limited runs of a given product label can be crucial. In addition, no matter the size of the run, everything still needs to be properly serialized.

The METTLER TOELDO T2611 System serves as a quick and easy entry to the serialization process and is ideal for the complete serialization of small batches. The system prints the required information directly on the carton surface and verifies the accuracy of the data using a smart camera.

Serialization information is collected and processed by PCE Line Manager (PLM) or PCE Line Manager direct (PLM direct) software, which is designed to communicate easily with your existing database or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

The T2611 is designed to integrate into an existing production line, made possible by its small footprint. Product changeovers require minimum effort as the system is easily adaptable to different carton sizes, allowing the marking and verification of cartons ranging in size from 50mm to 360mm in length and 40mm to 220mm in height. The electrical cabinet has a carrying handle and harting plug, making the system portable.

A portable Bluetooth hand scanner allows for decommissioning serial numbers, while a vision configuration unit (VCU) with HMI and IPC provides central user management and access structure. The HMI is rotatable up to 90° which makes handling easy depending upon your production line.