The Distek Model 2500 Select Bathless Dissolution System is the culmination of three generations of patented bathless technology with extremely short media heating times and dramatically smaller energy use.

The system offers great flexibility and configurability. It can be configured to meet United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Apparatus 1, 2, 5 and 6 plus intrinsic dissolution.

The extensive users, method and reporting storage capabilities are enabled by a touchscreen.

Patent-pending wireless temperature sensors continuously monitor and display the in-vessel temperature for each unit. Unparalleled control of the instrument plus automatic storage of component serial numbers and automatic qualification reminders make the Model 2500 Select robust and reliable enough for quality control (QC) applications yet flexible enough for research and development (R&D) use.

  • Bathless heating – Eliminates the water bath and all associated maintenance. Heater jackets raise media temperatures from ambient to 37°C in less than 15 minutes, using considerably less energy in the process. Bathless design also allows high-temperature operation up to 99°C.
  • Wireless in-shaft temperature sensors – Patent-pending wireless temperature sensors control and monitor the temperature. It continuously monitors, displays and records the in-vessel temperature for each vessel; ensures and documents temperature compliance throughout the entire dissolution test; and eliminates additional labour to measure actual temperature in vessels
  • Serialised component tracking – Enter and track all serialised components, including paddles, baskets, basket adapters, shafts and vessels
  • Colour touchscreen display – The icon-driven user interface lowers overall cost by reducing training time and user errors while maximizing productivity and command of the dissolution test
  • Electronic qualification guidance – Settable automatic electronic instrument requalification reminders eliminate missed validation dates and ensures continuous instrument uptime
  • Quick-change paddles and baskets – Interchangeable stirring elements coupled with the automatic height adjustment provide a fast transition between Apparatus 1 and 2 without having to remove the shaft
  • USP compliant – The use of bathless heating is fully compliant per USP General
    Chapter <711>