There are a lot of new methods to test for, including:

  • Dissolution behaviour of medicinal products
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacodynamics

With the results of these tests, the biopharmaceutical safety evaluation of your product can be done. If you wish, Dr. Haney Pharma can write the non-clinical overview for your medicinal product dossier, based on the results of the non-clinical trials and intensive literature research.

How can I find a suitable contractor for non-clinical trials?

Dr. Haney Pharma cooperates with companies specialised on non-clinical trials with organisms of different organisation level from cells to non-human primates. These companies have many years of experience and operate according to standards of good laboratory practice (GLP).

You can rely on Dr. Haney Pharma’s service to find the best contractor for your non-clinical trial so that the investigations will be carried out in the scheduled time frame.