Bio Image Systems offers four epi-illuminator devices that use harmless, visible LED light instead of ultraviolet (UV) rays, making them fully safe for eyes and skin while minimising damage to samples. These are the Epi-Green Pro, Epi-Green Slim, Epi-Blue Slim, and Epi-Blue Quad.

The Epi-Quad comes in dual and quad configurations, while the Epi-Pro and Epi-Slim are available in single and twin configurations.

  • Quad provides super bright, all-around illumination, much brighter than halogen lights.
  • Twin and Dual provide equal-intensity illumination from opposite sides; they are ideal for imaging.
  • Single provides illumination from only one side.

Epi-Green Pro

  • Wide coverage 14x12cm
  • Includes removable gel tray
  • Filter plate allows viewing, excising, and photography without goggles

Epi-Green Slim

  • Ideal for EtBr, but excellent results for SYBR too
  • 16x16cm size fits the enclosures and hoods of most gel-doc systems
  • Comes with a pair of our sharp cut-off goggles

Epi-Blue Slim

  • Ideal for SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, and SYBR Safe. But excellent results for EtBr, too.
  • The 16x16cm size of the Epi-Blue Slim/Single fits the enclosures and hoods of most gel-doc systems.
  • Comes with a pair of our Sharp Cut-off Goggles.

Epi-Blue Quad

  • Ideal for studying GFP expression in plants or small animals
  • Can measure intensity levels of the emitted light to investigate plant ecophysiology and stress