Metisafe LAF cabinets offer a high-quality clean environment by protecting working materials, samples and other products from airborne particles, dust and microorganisms.

Laminar air flow cabinets

LAF cabinets have been finding a place in vast application areas in which clean environment is critically necessary; such as electronic, optic, food, seedling, pharma industries.

Metisafe’s LAF series produced in several sizes, and air-flow direction to comply clients’ needs:

  • Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets
  • Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets

PCR work stations

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) cabinets create air-barrier to prevent contamination of airborne particles with molecular reactive, and reaction mixtures or any material that has to be stay clean during the reaction mixture preparation process.

Two type of PCR workstations are produced in different sizes by Metisafe:

  • Non-Air streamed UV/PCR Cabinet
  • HEPA filtered UV/PCR Cabinet

Biological safety cabinets

Genuine design and improvement of BSC for biohazard studies performed with dangerous or unknown materials, viruses, and other microorganisms goes back to the early 90s by Metisafe. BSC instruments provide primary barrier protection against air-born dangerous agents and classified according to the protection needs of personnel, environment and product/material.

High-performance fume hood

Metisafe High-Performance Fume Hoods (HP Fume Hood) are designed through advanced fluid dynamics methods and ensures optimal non-turbulent air exhaust to the outer atmosphere with perfect airflow patterns without any leakage to the indoor environment. Metisafe® HP Fume Hoods are manufactured & tested according to ASHRAE 110 guidelines and have EN14175 certification.
Metisafe has distinguished alternatives and a number of High-Performance Fume Hood types such as:

  • High-Performance Chemical/Toxic Protection
  • Tall Type Fume Hood
  • Ex-Proof Fume Hood
  • Pathology Workstation
  • Walk-In Fume Hood