Gamma offers a wide range of polymer compatibility with some limitations due to oxidation effects.

Products can be shipped to the final user as soon as it exits the gamma irradiation facility.

Applications include:

  • Irradiation of ambient and frozen tissues
  • Nonproliferation by irradiation to stop cell growth in vaccine production
  • Decontamination of bio-hazard type products, for example, human serum
  • Virus removal from blood, serums or other biologic products such as frozen products that require irradiation under cold chain management
  • Sterilization or decontamination of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), excipients or ingredients
  • Sterilization of drug-device products
  • Sterilization of hydrogels
  • Final sterilization of pharmaceutical products such as API-filled vials or syringes, which can be powder-filled, solution, suspension, gel or ointment

Benefits include:

  • Consistently meets product and regulatory requirements
  • Offers proven track record in worker and product safety
  • Effectively sterilizes a wide range of products with different variations in dose requirements, densities, and packaging / box sizes
  • Provides unparalleled reliability and simplicity