Robust Storage and Shipping – in short: RoSS – is the protective shell for all available single-use bags. Independent from manufacturer or size of the single-use bag, RoSS provides a robust, closed and 100% safe system for each bag along the process of filling, freezing, storing, shipping, thawing and draining.

Its composition of a robust frame, stainless-steel lids on bottom and top and 3D foam on the inside provide many advantages for all highly valuable biopharmaceuticals.

  • Full immobilization of the bag at frozen state with 0% product loss
  • Best cooling transfer from stainless-steel lids to the bag when using plate-based freezing systems
  • RoSS can be stacked one over another for highest storage density
  • RoSS is scalable from holding single-use bags from few mL to 50L
  • Protective system can be applied for bottles
  • Tamper evident construction

RoSS enables end-to-end solutions for a seamless process of biopharmaceuticals handling at a higher level. Its areas of application range from bulk drug substance, cell and gene therapy, upstream seed train intensification and others.