Gerresheimer manufactures a comprehensive range of pre-fillable syringes solutions, which can be ordered in bulk and ready-to-use formats.

Sold under leading trademark Gx RTF®, the ready-to-fill (RTF) syringes are washed, siliconised, preassembled and sterilised using ethylene oxide (EO).

System components and accessories complete the range, while ensuring ease-of-use and end-user safety. The Gx® Syringes are perfectly tailored to your needs and at the same time fulfil the current requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Key features include:

  • Type I glass, compliant to European Pharmacopoeia / US Pharmacopoeia (USP) / Japan Pharmacopoeia (JP)
  • Sizes from 0.5ml to 5ml (5ml bulk only)
  • Wide range of pre-assembled needles
  • Customised ceramic printing
  • Proprietary baked-on siliconisation (Gx Baked-on RTF®) for highly sensitive biopharmaceuticals
  • Standardised packaging configurations suited to standard filling and packaging equipment
  • Drug master file type III
  • System components
  • Closure solutions for Luercone, Luerlock and Staked-in Needle formats
  • Plunger stoppers in many different pharmaceutical
  • Elastomers
  • Plunger rods in Polystyrene, Polypropylene or Polycarbonate
  • Backstops for improved ergonomic handling and safety

Syringe systems:

  • Gx® Bulk Syringes
  • Gx RTF® Syringes

Components and accessories:

  • Canulas
  • Needle shields
  • Luercone closures
  • Luerlock closures
  • Plunger stoppers
  • Gx® Plunger Rods
  • Gx® Backstops

Finishing processes:

  • Gx Baked-on RTF®
  • Gx RTF® Syringes in Gx® PharmaPlus Quality