The METTLER TOLEDO T2660 system supports all aggregation scenarios, bundling individual cartons, cases and pallets together.

It covers a broad range of aggregation requirements by providing several configurations. The system platform supports up to three printers, allowing all levels of aggregation to take place at the same location.

Flexibility is core to the design of the T2660, and it can function as a stand-alone station (such as for a rework scenario) or can be integrated into a packaging line.

Using the PCE Line Manager software, or a virtual networking computer, the T2660 connects to your existing serialization database and makes updates and status changes in real time.

It is essential to have a system that installs easily and runs well, but if it has poor ergonomic design it can be troublesome for operators to use the system. Thus, the T2660 features a height-adjustable work surface, allowing operators to sit or stand when using the system, ensuring an ergonomic and comfortable user experience.