In the serialization process, it is important to be able to quickly print and verify the contents of a product label, particularly the serialization information that is the backbone of a Track & Trace program.

That serialization information also needs to immediately be recorded and added to a manufacturer’s serialization database, and poor-quality printing needs to be flagged and marked as decommissioned to maintain process security.

The METTLER TOLEDO T2810 delivers all this required functionality in a roll-up cabinet that integrates easily into your pre-existing production line, making Track & Trace implementation easy. The system prints labels up to 170mm x 220mm and records serialization data thanks to PCE Line Manager software, which connects to your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

You program the system to print your label design (or use one of the pre-set templates) and either connect the system to your library of valid serial numbers via import or allow the system to generate the serial numbers on its own. The printer creates the labels, which are immediately inspected by a high-resolution camera (HRC).

If there are any faults in the printing job, the label is automatically removed. The reel-to-reel system allows the system to adapt to the speed of your production line automatically, meaning the T2810 works at the pace of your production process.