Discover a smarter way to manage new product launches.

SmartLaunch™ is an agile launch execution platform. It addresses the particular challenges of managing pharmaceutical product launches across countries.

What’s holding you back from a successful product launch?

Chasing countries for updates, manually consolidating data or generating reports is time-consuming. It is made worse by a lack of visibility across countries and workstreams, as well as poor alignment between global and country activities. That poses a serious strategic and operational risk.

How does SmartLaunch solve this problem?

SmartLaunch helps you achieve higher-quality launch execution by driving alignment of launch activities, real-time visibility of launch readiness and cross-functional collaboration. By streamlining processes, it also helps to save you time.

Key features

  • Easy to use – SmartLaunch is a user-friendly launch readiness platform with an intuitive user interface, built from the bottom up as a tool for the entire launch team.
  • Traffic light dashboards – Global and country dashboards provide full visibility of launch readiness across workstreams. Traffic lights show you the real-time RAG status of associated tasks, guiding you where your attention is needed.
  • Global and country launch plans – Agile launch plan templates help you embed your launch framework across the business, so you can quickly create a launch plan for your product. You can adapt these plans to suit your brand and country.
  • Collaboration tools – Share status updates or documents, and get direct input from your colleagues at activity and milestone level within your launch plan. Track activity and changes for all tasks, so that everyone stays on the same page.
  • Risk-tracking – Assess and mitigate risks by identifying potential bottlenecks early on, through systematic tracking and reporting of risks for each launch plan.
  • Capture decisions – Track key decisions and discuss them with the team as you collaborate on executing launch activities.
  • Key learnings – Capture key learnings as they emerge throughout the launch cycle. Understand what worked well, detect areas of inefficiency, and build your corporate launch memory to inform future product launches.
  • Personal email notifications – Get alerts and email notifications when something changes, whether it’s pushing back a delivery date or comments on activities and milestones.

For more information, download our SmartLaunch fact sheet.

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