Discover a smarter way to articulate real-world evidence and patient pathways.

SmartPathway™ is a platform for visualising patient pathways and making real-world evidence accessible. It helps you to build understanding, make better-informed decisions, and ultimately optimise your strategic choices.

What is restricting you from making optimal strategic choices?

A company’s understanding of the patient pathway for a disease, or the particular stages of this pathway, may be limited. Furthermore, real-world data illuminating the pathway in different countries is not easily accessible. Failure to understand the whole patient pathway, together with limited accessibility of real-world data mapping that pathway, will prevent your business from making optimal strategic choices around pipeline planning and value propositions.

How does SmartPathway solve this problem?

With SmartPathway, you can navigate the whole patient pathway at both population and patient level. That way, you can explore real-world evidence at every stage of the disease and at different points in time, including patient in- and outflows as well as expected patient numbers for different treatment options. A detailed understanding of the patient pathway, underpinned by accessible real-world evidence, will enable your teams to think about the pathway holistically. They will then be better equipped to identify new opportunities, enhance their forecasting, build the value proposition and make better informed strategic choices.

Key features

  • Interactive pathway – SmartPathway comes with a highly configurable pathway tool, easily adaptable to different diseases. The interactive pathway gives a clear overview of the population and patient dynamics at the different stages of the disease, and for different treatment options. It makes the patient pathway clear, visually appealing, intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Country adaptations – The pathway can be adapted structurally to variable local requirements.
  • Real-world data – SmartPathway makes the real-world data underpinning the pathway accessible and digestible.  As you navigate the patient pathway, relevant real-world evidence is presented across a number of parameters. That could be patient in- and outflows at each stage of the disease; the likelihood of progressing to certain disease stages; expected patient numbers at each treatment stage; or the median duration of each disease stage. Having clear visibility of available real-world data encourages further evidence generation and drives demand for data.
  • Collaboration tools – SmartPathway enables team members to add comments on a particular disease stage or treatment option. They can have discussions with, and get input, from their colleagues, while sharing documents and links to further data.
  • Risk-tracking – Assess and mitigate risks by identifying potential bottlenecks early on, through systematic tracking and reporting of compliance risks and mitigation for each stage of the pathway.
  • Capture decisions – Track key decisions and discuss them with the team as you collaborate on illuminating the patient pathway.

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