The USM 6011 and 6015 are designed for the fast de-traying and retraying of syringes and cylindrical cartridges from rondo trays. Syntegon’s hygienic machine design allows handling of empty and filled products.

The USM 6011 and 6015 provides a line capacity of up to 600 parts/min. An integrated stacking and transport system for trays reduces operator interference and provides large buffer capacity. All products can be handled with no glass to glass contact through the entire machine. The USM 6011 and 6015 can deliver parts for connected machines supported in flanges or in Pucks, depending on the product and its requirements.

The USM 6011 and 6015 can be combined with new equipment or existing installations to automate de-traying and re-traying of rondo trays, eg. in front of filling, inspection or assembly lines.

Advantages of the USM 6011 and 6015

  • Large size range for products and rondo trays
  • Tool-less changeover in less than 20 minutes
  • Two mechanical settings during format change
  • Gentle handling due to no glass to glass contact
  • Mechanical machine design, no vacuum required
  • Designed for free-standing installation
  • Easy access to the entire machine via glass doors
  • Possibility for customized infeed and outfeed (e.g. belts or puck system)
  • Swivelling HMI (270°)
  • Closed machine roof allows dust protection
  • Tray identification via visual label inspection or RFID tray tag
  • Buffer capacity: up to 15 min (at max. format range)

Processing range

  • Cartridges: Ø 8–20mm, height 20–95mm
  • Syringes: Ø 8–20mm, height up to 120mm
  • Rondo trays: length 200 +/–1 mm to 385 +/– 1 mm, width 85 +/–1 mm to 145 +/– 1 mm
  • Puck cartridges: Ø 19–30mm, height 26–31mm, or on request
  • Tray stack height for feeding: 300mm (depending on stability of trays)


  • Electrical load: 6 kVA
  • Air pressure: > 6 bar
  • Air consumption: < 100 NL/min