Syntegon’s Versynta Flexible Filling Platform (FFP) is based on pre-developed and tested modules that can be flexibly combined. This advanced platform is characterised by the fact that only format parts need to be replaced instead of entire modules. Flexibility in this sense means that the use of different container types as well as different filling systems are possible. The Versynta FFP offers a lean and complete solution for the entire filling process from a single source, including an integrated isolator technology.

The Versynta FFP has an output of up to 3,600 containers an hour and is suitable for RTU and bulk processing applications. It features a compact filling and closing station and an isolator with integrated air management, as well as unique denest and renest modules.

Versynta microBatch

The gloveless Versynta microBatch working cell is the realisation of robotic competence on the smallest scale. Following the trend towards even smaller batches, the highly flexible and fully automated setup allows the processing of aseptic and high-potent micro batches. Fast batch-to batch changeovers, minimised product loss, and a fully integrated machine and isolator unit are the keys to ensure quality and output.

Benefits of the Versynta microBatch include:

  • Gloveless isolator to decrease biodecontamination time
  • Work cell approach for integrated air management ‒ no interface towards building
  • High grade of standardisation ‒ fast installation and validation
  • Fully automated robotic solution
  • High flexibility ‒ Suitable for all RTU containers, including syringes, cartridges and vials (classical stoppers and caps as well as press-on caps)
  • Maximum security ‒ Filling with 100% in-process control
  • Prepared for aseptic and potent production