Aptar Pharma's new manufacturing facility in Navi Mumbai, India, was inaugurated in January 2012.
The Navi Mumbai plant of Aptar Pharma develops and manufactures nasal and pulmonary drug delivery devices.
The DF30 metering valve platform for pulmonary delivery produced at the Mumbai plant.

Aptar Pharma, which is part of the AptarGroup, inaugurated its new manufacturing site in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. It is the first plant of the company in India and the second in Asia. Aptar Pharma’s first plant in Asia is located in Suzhou (near Shanghai), China.

The company is engaged in the development and manufacturing of nasal and pulmonary drug delivery devices, including aerosol, spray and dispensing systems used for asthma, allergies and related symptoms. The company’s products are marketed to many of the Indian biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

The new Indian plant is the first of its kind and is located at Rabale, Navi Mumbai. The company currently employs 30 people in India and is planning to increase that further with the new plant.

Aim of Aptar Pharma’s project and facility specifications

“The new Indian plant is the first of its kind and is located at Rabale, Navi Mumbai. The company currently employs 30 people in India.”

Aptar Pharma has a strong customer base in India. The Mumbai plant has been established with the aim of serving the Indian customers better by establishing a local manufacturing base for drug delivery devices.

The project was self-financed by the AptarGroup and is a proprietary asset of the group.

The new manufacturing facility is built up over an area of 2,000 square metres. It includes an ISO 7 cleanroom measuring 380 square metres, a warehouse, maintenance / tooling suites and offices.

The plant features product assembly lines, inspection and testing equipment and filling and crimping machines. The molded components were sourced from Suzhou, China and Le Vaudreuil, France. The filling and crimping machines were supplied by DH Industries.

Construction duration and expansion opportunities in India and Asia

The facility took six months for construction from the existing buildings and involved multiple local contractors.

“Aptar Pharma’s first plant in Asia is located in Suzhou (near Shanghai), China.”

The company has established the Mumbai manufacturing site in a step to expand the operations in order to benefit from opportunities available in the Indian market.

Aptar Pharma plans to further expand its activity in India, as well as the rest of Asia, and become a key local employer.

The company also plans to leverage its network of local partners including those in research, industry, academia and regulatory bodies to strengthen its business.

Main products produced at the Rabale, Navi Mumbai plant

The Mumbai plant will mainly produce spray pumps for nasal and topical delivery assemblies and the DF30 metering valve platform for pulmonary delivery (asthma). The DF30 valve platform is manufactured to the highest standard, claims Aptar Pharma.

The valve product has been in market for more than 20 years. It offers a wide range of metering volumes, from 25µl to 75µl.

Manufacturing processes taking place in the AptarGroup’s Aptar Pharma plants

Spray pumps and metering valves are drug delivery devices composed of ten to 15 components made of plastic, metal and elastomer. Metal parts are sourced from external suppliers, while plastic and elastomer components are manufactured in-house.

Precision injection moulding of plastic components takes place in other Aptar Pharma facilities located in Europe and China, while automatic assembly and controls are handled within the Mumbai facility.

Headquarters and international reach of AptarGroup

Headquartered in the US in Crystal Lake near Chicago and traded on the NYSE, AptarGroup is global with manufacturing sites in different parts of the world, including North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Marketing commentary for Indian pharmaceuticals and Aptar Pharma

The Indian pharmaceutical market is large (ranked 12th worldwide) and very dynamic (+15%) thanks to the high population and increased access to healthcare (eight percent GDP in 2011). It is also a key market for asthma drugs with strong pharmaceutical players selling their products in the domestic market and successfully exporting.

Aptar Pharma is well positioned to benefit from the expansion in India.