The new commercial-ready facility for advanced biologics is located in Watertown, Massachusetts, US. Credit: Arranta Bio.
The facility has been designed to meet the highest requirements for advanced manufacturing of biologics. Credit: Arranta Bio.
Arranta is spending more than $100m to build its end-to-end microbiome capacity. Credit: Arranta Bio.
The cGMP facility will provide live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) to microbiome innovators. Credit: Arranta Bio.
The new facility will be equipped with laboratories, offices, and GMP suites. Credit: Arranta Bio.

Arranta Bio is constructing a new multi-product, commercial-ready manufacturing facility in Watertown, Massachusetts, US.

Watertown facility will be used for the production of live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) of superior quality to supply to the microbiome innovation companies.

The facility is a part of the company’s commitment to invest more than $100m to build its end-to-end microbiome capacity. The company also expanded its purpose-built microbiome process development laboratory at the Arranta’s Centre of Excellence in Gainesville, Florida, in May 2020.

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) suites of the commercial-ready facility were completed in September 2020. The facility will create approximately 200 new jobs.

Details of Arranta’s commercial-ready facility

The new current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) commercial-ready facility will expand the company’s late-stage clinical or commercial capacity for advanced biologics. Small-volume biotechnology products will be developed, manufactured and analysed in the facility.

The facility will be equipped with laboratories, offices, and GMP suites. GMP facility has been installed with state-of-the-art equipment and processes.

A new modern two-level, 16,000ft2 office at the facility will serve as the head office of the company, which will replace the existing 5,000ft2 portion at the road front of the site.

The facility complies with the FDA Code of Federal Regulations (Part 21) and European Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP).

Sustainable features of the new cGMP facility

CGMP facility has been developed to minimise the environmental impact. Sustainable features of the facility include solar installations, highly efficient heating, and ventilation systems, charging points for electric vehicles, connected bicycle path to the site along the Charles river and pool transit services to and from the site to the Rapid Transit system.

Arranta aims to create a highly attractive professional frontage by developing a frontage on the street with landscapes at the front and side of the building that creates a highly attractive professional workspace.

The company will clear the trash and weeds and dampen the area at the back of the premises bordering the Charles River, to provide the staff members with communal outdoor space, while operating within the Wetlands conservation restrictions. It will provide a more natural foundation for the area.

Details of microbiomes

Approximately 200 companies are actively studying the link between the diseases and microbiomes including millions of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses reside in and outside the human body to establish therapeutic targets.

“The facility complies with the FDA Code of Federal Regulations (Part 21) and European Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP).”

The number of genes in the microbes that make up one person’s microbiome is at least 200 times the number in the human genome. Scientists named the microbiome the second genome.

Arranta substantially improved its scientific understanding of gut microbiota composition and functions over the past decade.

Contractors involved

DC Beane and Associates Construction Company acted as the construction management partner for Arranta, for the project.

Multiple sub-contractors were preferred by Arranta to construct the new commercial-ready manufacturing facility.

Marketing commentary on Arranta Bio

Established in 2019, Arranta Bio is a leading contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) that primarily serves companies involved in the development and marketing of human microbiome therapies.

In November 2019, Arranta Bio acquired Captozyme and established Arranta Bio’s Centre of Excellence in Gainesville, Florida for process and analytical development and early clinical supply to serve its microbiome clients. The company produced and manufactured more than 125 LBPs over the last decade.

The Arranta’s team will first determine the most feasible process for large-scale development, which will be produced in the company’s Watertown facility and then will be scaled down again for intensive development in the Gainesville.

Arranta aims to become the best-in-class microbiome CDMO, offering LBPs by bacterial fermentation, isolation, lyophilisation and encapsulation for microbiome-related product pioneers.