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ChemSyn (Aptuit) Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

Start year


Project type

Manufacturing plant for APIs, but also process development


Harrisonville, USA

Estimated investment

$5m (new investment expected in 2007–2008 following takeover)




ChemSyn Laboratories (EaglePitcher Technologies)

Lead contractor

Pfaudler supply the reactors. Buchii supply the chemreactor. Hamicon and Hastelloy supply some of the filter equipment

Plant suites

1 development work suite and 2 production suites

Glove box


Reactors and process vessels

10gal glass-lined Pfaudler reactor

30gal glass-lined Pfaudler reactor (2)

30gal stainless steel Pfaudler reactor

50gal glass-lined Pfaudler reactor (2)

100gal glass-lined Pfaudler reactor (3)

200gal glass-lined Pfaudler reactor

300gal glass-lined Pfaudler reactor (2)

300gal stainless steel Pfaudler reactor

50gal stainless steel kettle (2)

75gal glass-lined kettle

80gal miscellaneous receivers

50gal glass-lined receiver (2)

200gal glass-lined receiver

1,580gal storage tank


Microware through 72l flasks

100l Buchii ChemReactor

Cooling and heating

Dow Frost chiller (720,000 BTU/hr at-30_C)

Supersaturated steam (150°C at 75 psi)

Hot oil system for higher temperatures


Stainless steel ribbon blender (3 cubic feet working capacity)

Twin shell V-blender (1 cubic foot)

Twin shell V-blender (16 qt.)


Stainless steel rotary cone dryer (5 cubic feet working capacity)

Stainless steel vacuum ovens (7.5 cubic feet) (3)

Stainless steel Stokes Vacuum Tray Dryer

Freeze-dryer (12l)

Distillation equipment

Rotary evaporators (10 & 20l) (2)

Stainless steel wiped film evaporator (0.25ft²)

Fractionation column (15 HETP-3` x 1")

Filtration equipment

Basket centrifuges-stainless steel (24")

Sparkler filter-Hastelloy

Sparkler filter-stainless steel

Amicon DC-10L Dialysis-filtration system


150cfm NASH pump

30cfm NASH pump

40cfm high vacuum oil pump

300cfm high vacuum oil pump

Miscellaneous: drum, transfer and metering pumps

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