CoreRx’s International Centre of Excellence for pharmaceutical development is located in Clearwater, Florida. Credit: CoreRx®.
The facility includes nine R&D formulation development and R&D-scale manufacturing suites. Image courtesy of CoreRx®.
The new facility expands CoreRx’s oral and topical dosage form development capacity. Credit: Shutterstock + ArtCookStudio.

CoreRx, a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) based in the US, unveiled a new facility in Clearwater, Florida, in April 2020.

The facility is the company’s International Centre of Excellence for the development of pharmaceuticals and its fourth facility on the ICOT campus. The company announced that it will continue to invest to sustain increasing demand from customers.

The product development centre became fully operational in August 2020 and is expected to hire 35 new employees.

CoreRx is investing in new infrastructure, increasing product development capacity, and expanding capabilities to fulfil customer demand.

It previously invested in the expansion of three other buildings within the ICOT centre complex, including the construction of nine new clinical manufacturing suites and installation of additional capacity to its primary and secondary packaging activities, including aggregation and serialisation.

CoreRx’s new product development centre location

CoreRX’s new product development centre is located within the ICOT campus at Myerlake Circle in Clearwater, Florida, US.

Spanning 26,000ft², the new facility includes approximately 5,000ft² of analytical laboratory space.

Expansion of the drug product development and manufacturing site allows customers to access more than 150,000ft² of space.

Details of CoreRx’s new product development centre

The facility comprises nine research and formulation development and manufacturing suites. It also has an office and administrative space.

The centre is designed to expand the company’s development division for oral and topical dosage types.

It also increases the capacity to support the growth in its drug development services portfolio.

It is equipped with formulation technologies such as blending, wet granulation, spray drying, roller compaction, fluid bed drying, and extrusion spheronisation.

CoreRx opened the facility and expanded its research and development (R&D) capacity to meet the growing demand for contract services.

The expanded capacity will help pharmaceutical chemists develop robust and reliable dose form solutions.

The production centre will improve workflow and increase the efficiency of product development, benefitting from the synergy offered by the collocation of different teams including analytical development, pre-formulation, and formulation development.

The expanded space will allow CoreRx to accommodate new equipment and a growing workforce to develop more products for its customers.

Existing facilities within the ICOT campus

The company has a total of four buildings, namely Myerlake I (ML1), Myerlake II (ML2), Myerlake III (ML3) and Myerlake IV (ML4), on the campus centre.

“Spanning 26,000ft², the facility includes approximately 5,000ft² of analytical laboratory space.”

ML1 is a 35,000ft² building consisting of 14 current good manufacturing practice (cGMP)-compliant manufacturing and packaging suites and two cGMP analytical labs that support method validation, QC, and stability.

The 47,000ft² ML2 facility includes ten cGMP manufacturing suites, a cGMP warehouse, and an office and administrative area.

Spanning 47,000ft², the ML3 features a dedicated manufacturing space and a dedicated analytical laboratory for clients, and a cGMP warehouse. ML4 is the company’s newest product development lab.

Marketing commentary on CoreRx

CoreRx is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company supporting clients’ supply chain requirements during the entire clinical trial process. It assists clients in clinical-industrial niche commercial manufacturing.

The company offers a range of services to meet the development, manufacturing and testing needs for solid, liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. It offers pre-formulation, formulation development, manufacturing and packaging, as well as analytical and stability services.

Founded in 2006, CoreRx has a network of 18 manufacturing suites, six formulation suites, two analytical laboratories, and cGMP warehouse and office rooms.