Metrics completed the expansion of its novel oral solid-dose commercial facility in July 2021. Credit: Metrics Contract Services.
The expansion added 3,760ft² (349.3m²) of production space and equipment. Credit: Metrics Contract Services.
The expansion involved installing a Fette FE55 enclosed tablet press and a Bosch 720 encapsulator at the facility. Credit: Metrics Contract Services.

Metrics Contract Services (Metrics), a division of Australian speciality pharmaceutical company Mayne Pharma Group, has expanded its oral solid-dose commercial facility on its Greenville campus in North Carolina.

The facility expansion started in the third quarter of 2020 and was completed in July 2021. The $10m expansion project increased the plant’s capacity, flexibility and potent handling capabilities to meet clients’ requirements more effectively.

Metrics’ next phase of investment is expected to add to its potent handling capabilities and potential associated formulation technologies.

Metrics’ solid dosage commercial facility expansion details

The expansion project added 3,760ft² (349.3m²) of manufacturing space and equipment to Metrics’ $80m novel oral solid-dose commercial facility, which was opened in April 2018.

Three new production suites, including a flex room, a combined dispensing/flex room, and a dedicated suite to host a tablet press with bilayer capability, were added to the facility.

The suites are designed to separate individuals and equipment airlocks, ensuring a controlled flow in one direction to avoid contamination.

Each suite is furnished with stainless steel doors and associated structures, durable epoxy paint and floor finishes. They are installed with low wall high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter exhausts with a bag in/bag out design, as well as fogging showers.

The suites allow the equipment trains to be customised according to the applicable processes. They are designed to cater to clients’ requirements for small batch sizes and high transitioning products, offering higher yields and better potent handling.

New equipment installed at the facility includes a Fette FE55 contained tablet press, a Bosch 720 encapsulator, and a weighing and dispensing isolator. The tablet press and encapsulator provide containment capabilities to ensure the safe handling of potent products.

Details of Metrics’ Greenville campus

Metrics’ Greenville campus is designed to provide scale-up and containment services. It is specialised in handling potent compounds in small to medium batch sizes, making it suitable for orphan or targeted drug development.

The campus currently houses 16 production suites and two packaging lines for pre-commercial pharmaceutical development, a 126,000ft² (11,705.3m²) commercial manufacturing space, a 25,000ft² (2,322.5m²) analytical laboratory space, and a 17,000ft² (1,579.3m²) standalone Stability Centre of Excellence.

Between 2016 and 2021, the company invested more than $100m to upgrade and expand the Greenville campus’ facilities to meet the current and future needs of its customers.

The campus offers pharmaceutical drug development, pre-clinical and clinical trial materials manufacturing, comprehensive analytical testing, stability storage, and commercial manufacturing services.

Marketing commentary on Metrics Contract Services

Metrics is a full-service global contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO). The company was founded in 1994 and was acquired by Mayne Pharma in 2012.

Mayne Pharma focuses on commercialising branded and generic drugs, as well as offering contract development and manufacturing services to customers worldwide.

Metrics’ Greenville facility was opened at 1240 Sugg Parkway in 2000. An expansion of its commercial manufacturing and quality control laboratories began in 2007, and a dedicated high-potent manufacturing facility was commissioned at the facility in 2009.

The company invested $5m in pre-clinical and development laboratories in 2014 and continues to invest in the expansion of its commercial manufacturing capabilities.

Metrics assists in drug development from the initial stage to worldwide commercialisation and serves more than 100 customers across the world.