MilliporeSigma’s new M Lab™ Collaboration Center is located in Shanghai, China. Credit: Merck.
The M Lab™ Lab Collaboration Center has a total lab size of 10,000m². Credit: Merck.
The new facility intends to optimise the research, development, and manufacturing of drugs. Credit: Shutterstock.

MilliporeSigma opened its new M LabTM Collaboration Center in Shanghai in July 2020. The Shanghai centre is the latest addition to MilliporeSigma’s global network of nine M LabTM Collaboration Centers and is the company’s largest such centre.

It will provide customised solutions to the life sciences community in China to further advance drug development.

MilliporeSigma aims to leverage the new facility to work with regional customers to improve the quality and safety of drugs.

MilliporeSigma’s M Lab Collaboration Center location

MilliporeSigma’s latest M LabTM Collaboration Center is located in Pudong, at the heart of the Shanghai’s biomedical sciences and research community.

The overall laboratory size of the M Lab Collaboration Center is approximately 10,000m2.

MilliporeSigma’s M Lab Collaboration Center details

The M LabTM Collaboration Center provides customised solutions and services to support biopharmaceutical and biologics firms to strengthen their drug discovery, development, and manufacturing.

It incorporates pilot-scale and process development support laboratories providing non-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) laboratory space to enable exploration of new ideas and learning innovative methods.

The centre offers a laboratory integrated with customised approaches, validation services, training, and hands-on applications to support drug development.

The laboratory’s scientists and engineers will collaborate with manufacturers to address challenges related to process development and manufacturing.

Additionally, customers will get opportunities to take part in product presentations, training, bioprocessing educational programmes and experiments, as well as exposure to best practices and innovative methods.

Customers will also be able to utilise services, such as custom media facility for cell culture, lab management software, and a solid dosage formulation facility.

The customised cell culture media facility produces cell culture media that are used in biopharmaceutical production and will find application in pilot production.

The lab management software allows scientists to increase efficiency through the use of automation technology to automate workflows and cloud services to link laboratory equipment. The centralisation of research records will enable researchers to avoid data transfer and documentation by hand, thereby improving work efficiency and eliminating the risk of errors.

The solid dose formulation facility helps to ensure that drug products are equipped with high-quality excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). It will serve consumers in China as well as the rest of the world.

The M LabTM Collaboration Center will also feature a new GMP-compliant manufacturing facility, known as BioReliance® End-to-End Solutions, which will provide contract development manufacturing organisation services to customers operating in Asia-Pacific, including China.

Marketing commentary on MilliporeSigma

MilliporeSigma operates as the life sciences business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, in the US and Canada.

Merck’s Life Science business employs more than 21,000 personnel and has a network of 59 manufacturing sites worldwide. Its product range includes lab water systems, antibodies, gene editing tools, cell lines, and end-to-end systems.

The business serves clients in areas such as process solutions, research solutions, and applied solutions.

Merck’s business interest span across life science, healthcare, and performance materials. It opened an M Lab™ Collaboration Center in Molsheim, France, in March 2019.