SCHOTT Pharma’s new pre-fillable syringe manufacturing facility will be located in Wilson, North Carolina, US. Credit: Business Wire.
The construction of the new pre-fillable syringe production plant is estimated to involve an investment of $371m. Credit: Business Wire.
SCHOTT Pharma's facility is expected to commence operations in 2027. Credit: Business Wire.

SCHOTT Pharma, a drug containment and drug delivery solutions provider based in Germany, plans to build a new pre-fillable syringe manufacturing facility in Wilson, North Carolina, to expand its presence in the US.

The first US facility will meet the demand for a domestic supply of glass and polymer prefilled syringes designed to administer mRNA, GLP-1 and other treatments.

The estimated investment of $371m for the project includes $21m from state and local incentive awards.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the new facility will take place by the end of 2024, with operations expected to commence in 2027. The new facility will generate 401 jobs.


The facility in Wilson lies along Interstate 587 between Rocky Mount to the north and Goldsboro to the south, just east of the Research Triangle.

Wilson County emerged as the top choice during a comprehensive nationwide search because of its robust local talent pool and proximity to the Research Triangle area.

The region is a hub of academic excellence, healthcare innovation and biopharmaceutical expertise, offering a fertile ground for SCHOTT Pharma’s expansion.

By bolstering its presence in the US, SCHOTT Pharma is poised to meet rising demand for its premium solutions, particularly in the face of advancements in biologic therapies.

SCHOTT Pharma’s pre-fillable syringe manufacturing facility details

The facility will manufacture pre-fillable polymer syringes essential for deep-cold storage and transportation of mRNA vaccines.

It will also produce glass syringes for administering glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) therapies, addressing diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

The site will significantly bolster the US supply chain for syringes. The local production will minimise lead times, reduce transportation costs and ensure a steady supply of critical drugs, contributing to pandemic preparedness and mitigating supply chain pressures.

With this facility, SCHOTT Pharma will triple its current market contribution of both glass and polymer syringes by 2030.

SCHOTT Pharma’s pre-fillable syringes

SCHOTT Pharma focuses on the development of high-quality pre-fillable syringes for drug delivery and long-term storage. The product range includes two distinct yet equally dependable materials.

The syringes are crafted from two robust materials, syriQ®, which is made from Type I Borosilicate Glass, and SCHOTT TOPPAC® made from an advanced cyclic olefin copolymer polymer called Topas®.

SCHOTT TOPPAC syringes are particularly suitable for the deep cold storage of drugs at temperatures as low as -80°C, which is essential for mRNA vaccines and other biologic therapies.

Many pharmaceutical companies based in the US have adopted syriQ glass syringes for their vaccines, biologics and GLP-1 medications, indicating a strong preference for the product.

Economic benefits of the project

The facility is anticipated to offer an average wage of $57,868, which surpasses the county’s average wage of $52,619 by around 10%. It suggests a positive impact on the local community through the provision of higher-paying jobs.

State incentives, which are contingent upon the fulfilment of employment objectives and other benchmarks, amount to $6.4m.

The incentives encompass a variety of support measures, including $641,600 allocated for specialised training provided by the North Carolina Community College system.

A further $831,000 is earmarked for workforce solutions, comprising the NC Job Ready funds, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Federal Bonding available through the Department of Commerce’s Division of Workforce Solutions.

Local and county incentives are extensive, covering critical areas such as infrastructure and utilities, and could reach a total of $16.2m.

The anticipated return on investment from public funds into the project is 221%, indicating that for every pound potentially spent by the state, it is expected to gain $3.21 in state revenue.

The impact of the facility will extend beyond the local job market in North Carolina, alleviating pressure on the global pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain. The project will not only introduce high-performance, pre-fillable polymer syringes but will also contribute to the nation’s limited supply of pre-fillable glass syringes.

Key players involved

The North Carolina Department of Commerce played a pivotal role in supporting the company throughout the site evaluation and decision-making process with the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, alongside other essential collaborators.

These included the city of Wilson, Commerce’s Division of Workforce Solutions, the NC Community College System, the North Carolina General Assembly, Wilson County and the Wilson Economic Development Council. NC Biotech provided technical assistance.

Marketing commentary on SCHOTT Pharma

SCHOTT Pharma operates with a workforce of more than 4,700 across 17 manufacturing sites in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Its US subsidiary, SCHOTT Pharma USA, processes a variety of glass pharmaceutical packaging from its Lebanon, Pennsylvania facility for North America.

SCHOTT Pharma’s products are integral to the global pharmaceutical supply chain, with an average of 25,000 injections per minute provided through their products.