Sorrel Medical opened a new manufacturing facility in Netanya, Israel. Credit: Sorrel Medical.
The facility will be used for the manufacturing of wearable drug delivery devices. Credit: Sorrel Medical.
Sorrel Medical won the 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Award in the Best New Technology Solution in Drug Delivery category. Credit: Shutterstock.

Wearable drug delivery devices manufacturer Sorrel Medical opened a new manufacturing facility in Israel in July 2020.

The facility will develop and manufacture a range of wearable drug delivery devices to boost clinical and commercial supply capabilities. The company is looking to ramp up production of the wearable devices as it prepares for upcoming clinical trials.

The manufacturing plant can assist Sorrel’s partners in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to bring advanced drug delivery solutions to the market.

Increased production scale-up capability is expected to support the needs of patients suffering from severe, high-burden illnesses.

Sorrel Medical’s new manufacturing facility location and details

The new facility for the manufacturing and commercialisation of wearable drug delivery devices is located in the city of Netanya in Israel.

It includes an advanced production cleanroom to enable the production of scalability of wearable drug delivery devices.

The 80m² cleanroom conforms to the ISO class 7 environment standard, designed to minimise particulate pollution in accordance with the standards of ISO 14664-1:2015 and EU GMP Annex 1 and regulate other environmental variables including pressure, temperature and humidity.

The company will leverage the Netanya site to switch from initial design and development, with low-volume production, to scalable high-quality production.

Sorrel Medical’s new manufacturing facility will allow the firm to increase its production capacity to hundreds of thousands of units a year. It also features an IQC laboratory and spaces to meet gowning, washing, and warehousing requirements.

Wearable drug delivery devices

Sorrel’s pre-filled and pre-loaded wearable drug delivery systems are used for self-administration of drugs with high viscosities.

Flexible and fully connected on-body injectors improve the patient experience and help pharmaceutical firms to provide combination products for patients.

“The company will leverage the Netanya site to switch from initial design and development, with low-volume production, to scalable high-quality production.”

The devices feature a primary container-agnostic configuration to handle a range of drug packages, UV LED disinfection and smart sensing capabilities. The presence of multiple sensors also allows for detection of cartridge placement and needle position, as well as performing internal system checks.

The company’s devices incorporate electromechanical pumping mechanism, while the flow rate is up to 3ml per minute. Devices are equipped with Bluetooth low energy and near field communication (NFC) enabled connectivity.

Wearable drug delivery devices, or wearable injectors, are intended for the self-administration of injectable drugs. They provide a solution for the drug administration of large volumes and high viscosities into the subcutaneous tissue in a user-friendly drug delivery system.

Drug delivery devices offered by Sorrel Medical are available in multiple configurations including 2ml, 3ml and 10ml. The features of the devices enable optimised usability and enhanced patient safety.

Marketing commentary on Sorrel Medical

Sorrel Medical is focused on the development and commercial production of platform-based, pre-filled, and pre-assembled wearable injectors.

The medical device firm was formed as a spin-off from Israel-based company Q Core Medical and operates as a subsidiary of Eitan Group.

Eitan Group is engaged in advanced infusion therapy solutions and provides patient-centric connected, software-based solutions to meet evolving drug delivery needs. In addition to wearable solutions, the company offers systems for hospital care and ambulatory settings.

Sorrel leverages technology to simplify processes for end-users and pharma companies. It aims to develop innovative technology solutions to meet challenges in the drug delivery market.

The company supports its partners with its expertise in technological flexibility, production scale-up, regulatory compliance and marketing to reduce time and risk.