The inauguration ceremony of West Pharmaceutical Services’ manufacturing unit in Sri City, India, was held in July 2014. Image: courtesy of West Pharmaceutical Services.
The ground breaking ceremony of the project took place in August 2012. Image: courtesy of West Pharmaceutical Services.
An impression of the moulding facility in Sri City, India. Image: courtesy of West Pharmaceutical Services.
The new packaging components manufacturing unit is West Pharmaceutical’s first manufacturing unit in India. Image: courtesy of West Pharmaceutical Services.

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West Pharmaceutical India Packaging opened a new manufacturing plant at the special economic zone (SEZ) in Sri City, an integrated business area, in India. It is situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh, near the border of the neighbouring state Tamil Nadu. The inaugural ceremony of the plant was held in July 2014.

The manufacturing unit is a part of West Pharmaceuticals’ global supply chain, and produces seals used for the primary packaging of the company’s injectable drug products. The unit is expected to create more than 250 jobs.

Construction details of West Pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant

West Pharmaceuticals signed a 99 year lease on a 72,800m² site in the special economic zone (SEZ) of Sri City in June 2012. The ground breaking ceremony marked the beginning of construction of the new compression moulding facility and was held in August 2012.

The plant is located at Kodambakkam near Chennai, on the eastern side of India.

Phase 1 included construction of metal seal assembly and compression moulding facility which produces metal and elastomeric pharmaceutical components for primary packaging of medicines. The facility has a built-up area of 15,300m² and the initial production of the plant’s metal components began in the first quarter of 2014.

The packaging components facility is expected to produce high-quality standard elastomeric components by the first quarter of 2015 and will be equipped to produce ready-to-sterilise components by 2016. Construction of phase 3 is expected to be finished by 2023 and will expand the built-up area of the plant and the office to 37,700m².

Manufacturing facility of injectable drug and medicine products

The manufacturing unit produces seals used for the primary packaging of injectable drug products produced by biopharmaceutical companies in India and Asia Pacific region, as well as for the injectable medicines produced by West Pharmaceuticals. The unit also produces metal and elastomeric packaging components for injectable medicines. It will also produce ready-to-sterile components in future.

Sri City pharmaceutical packaging plant

“The new plant in Sri City is West Pharmaceutical’s first unit in India.”

West Pharmaceutical Services built the new Indian pharmaceutical packaging components plant as part of its growth and business expansion plans in Asia.

India is witnessing entry of growing number of pharmaceutical companies as the market is growing and dynamic. The new plant is expected to help West Pharmaceutical meet demand in India and also establish a firm presence in the country’s market.

The new plant in Sri City is West Pharmaceutical’s first unit in India. It has been built for reducing the lead times of supply to the customers in India and also to reduce the overall production costs. Sri City has been selected due to the availability of the land, utilities, labour, and logistics and also because of the SEZ benefits.

Marketing commentary

West Pharmaceutical Services designs and manufactures packaging and delivery components for parenterally administered medicines such as injections. It supplies products to biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and medical device companies across the world.

West Pharmaceutical has already established its presence in Asia Pacific with one plant in Singapore, two plants in China and sales offices across a number of Asian countries including Singapore, China, India and Australia.