Concept: Minnesota’s cybersecurity startup Arctic Wolf has launched security operations-as-a-concierge to aid SMBs to end cyber risk. The solution includes managed detection and response (MDR), managed risk, and managed cloud monitoring, each delivered through the industry’s original Concierge Security Team (CST). The concierge security team, an extension of an existing security team, provides tailored threat detection and response, as well as ongoing risk management to keep business data safe.

Nature of Disruption: The CST monitors security events enriched and analyzed by the Arctic Wolf Platform continuously to provide the organization’s internal team with coverage, security operations expertise, and strategically tailored security recommendations to continuously improve overall posture. It includes MDR – offers detection and response tailored to the specific needs of the organization that eliminates alert fatigue and false positives to promote a faster response. Managed risk – offers personalized digital risk management that discovers more, benchmarks against industry trends and tailors protection to strategically harden your security posture over time. Managed cloud monitoring – offer security industry experience combined with a unique understanding of the business’s cloud strategy to guide about ongoing cloud security posture improvement. Managed security awareness – offers fully-managed security awareness training that prepares employees to stop social engineering attacks through microlearning, automated phishing tests, and awareness coaching. Moreover, CST meets the organization’s internal team regularly to review historical events, review reports on how the company’s cybersecurity posture has changed, and guide along every step of the security journey to meet the organization’s complex security operations needs.

Outlook: The cybersecurity environment is fuelled by economic turmoil and a widespread shift to remote working. As online work increases cyber security risks, the IT team needs a longer-term cybersecurity strategy that addresses the challenges of remote work. Additionally, the new way of working expands the potential for cybersecurity threats with new vulnerabilities surrounding every employee working from home. To overcome such challenges, SMBs should consider implementing strong remote access security controls if they have not already done so. Arctic Wolf’s security operations-as-a-concierge aims to help organizations securely perform their operations. The startup has raised $150M in Series F funding led by Viking Global Investors and plans to use it to improve its M&A strategy and accelerate growth.

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