Concept: AppDynamics, a part of Cisco and a Application Performance Management (APM) solution and business-centric observability platform, has revealed Cisco Secure Application, a solution to simplify vulnerability management, defend against attacks and protect applications from the inside-out. This new approach co-developed with the Cisco Security Platform & Response (SP&R), correlates security and application insights with a single solution.

Nature of Disruption: By providing application and business context and building a common context between application and security teams, Cisco Secure Application protects applications at runtime, detects and blocks threats in real-time and simplifies the lifecycle of security incidents. Natively incorporated into the full-stack observability platform of AppDynamics, Cisco Secure Application embeds security into the runtime of the application without adding overhead performance to unlock security insights without friction. The Cisco Secure Application continually identifies risks and vulnerabilities, blocks attacks and offers a business context so that teams can prioritize remediation by business impact. It assists security teams to investigate hacks, an important element in business continuity, turning thousands of hours of prevention and detection into seconds, allowing customers to minimize complexity and catch threats.

Outlook: Cisco Secure Application protects business-critical applications from the inside out, to preserve speed and uptime, no matter where they operate. SP&R innovates to solve the problem when there is a customer need, giving them a competitive advantage. Cisco Secure Application brings together market, performance and security insights as part of AppDynamics to protect organizations against slowdowns and exploits.

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