Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a condition caused by a lack of growth hormone in the human body. The condition is most commonly characterised by short stature, and affects people to different extents, most notably in the area of dwarfism.

There are, however, other symptoms and effects of this condition that can have an impact on the lives of those that suffer. New-borns with this condition may suffer low blood sugar or a small penis. Adults may suffer from poor bone density, high cholesterol, and decreased muscle mass. The report ‘Growth Hormone Deficiency Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2017’ looks to provide an overview and analysis of clinical trials for this condition.

Trials conducted from 80+ different clinical trial registries are explored in this report.

GlobalData’s research looks at clinical trials in 2017, and offers coverage by region, country, phase, status, end-points status and sponsor type. Clinical trials are important to enable research and drug development for sufferers of the condition, and this report explores recent developments, providing enrolment trends in the last five years for GHD trials, and reviews of top companies. It also profiles unaccomplished trials for review.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • An overview of comprehensive data related to GHD clinical trials by country, region and phase
  • Analysis of how drugs are provided based on the number of clinical trials
  • An overview of clinical trials conducted by key companies and institutes
  • Expert trials from journals, conferences and clinical trial registries

This report will assist in investment decision-making, allowing the reader to formulate key strategies and gain an understanding of GHD and its impact on sufferers. It also enables the reader to identify the best locations for conducting clinical trials, saving research time and costs.  

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