The pharmaceutical industry is integral to global healthcare and is also one of the world’s most valuable industries. The development of medicinal products and equipment is essential for the preservation of life; as such, this is a highly lucrative business area.

In order to understand the commercial capabilities and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to explore three important deal categories: strategic partnerships, licensing activity and M&A activity. To further explore and analyse the market, these three categories can be broken down further into therapeutic themes, of which four are analysed in the report, Deal-Making Trends in Pharma – Thematic Research. These are gene therapy, immuno-oncology, microbiome and orphan drugs, which make up the majority of the market.

The focus areas for deals in the pharmaceutical sector are North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific

In its report ‘Deal-Making Trends in Pharma – Thematic Research’, GlobalData explores deals in the pharmaceutical industry using historical and forecast data to build a comprehensive picture of trends in the sector. The report focuses on deal-making trends worldwide, with a specific focus of three dominant regions – North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific – where the fields of drug development and innovation are particularly advanced.

Throughout the report, promising acquisition targets are identified, allowing the reader to make informed strategic decisions. All companies featured in the report are private and produce drugs within the four therapeutic themes of gene therapy, immuno-oncology, microbiomes and orphan drugs. Targets have been identified ensuring that they currently have drugs in the pre-clinical and clinical stages of development.

Key highlights of the report are:

  • A list of acquisition targets that have recently reported positive clinical trial data
  • Data analysis, trends and insights for strategic partnerships, licensing activity and M&A activity
  • An overview of key target pharmaceutical companies for acquisition
  • Key in-depth information on therapeutic themes and geographic trends

GlobalData’s report provides critical insight into the deal-making trends in the pharmaceutical industry over the coming years. Historical and forecast data enables the prediction of acquisition targets to enhance decision-making capabilities, while expert analysis provides an accurate breakdown of the outlook for the industry.


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