Concept: American SaaS startup ‘HAAS Alert’ (HAAS) has introduced Safety Cloud, a cloud-based real-time connected vehicle safety system that monitors the road and gives alerts to drivers when in need. The system delivers real-time notifications to oncoming drivers before it encounters other vehicles to prevent a fleet collision automatically.

Nature of Disruption: Safety Cloud is a digital warning system for road safety. It depends on cellular-based sensors to process road hazard data by extracting it from surrounding. Its predictive technology alerts drivers through their vehicle infotainment system. When fleets activate their lights, Safety Cloud automatically delivers real-time alerts to approaching vehicles before they encounter the vehicle on road. These alerts are given by vehicle transponder HA-5. Alerts received on navigation apps indicate drivers to slow down. To get Safety Cloud alerts, the software update is needed to receive notifications on the infotainment system or instrument cluster of the vehicle or both. All the computations are done on the cloud or the edge of the chips inside the hardware. Moreover, HAAS offers a fleet management platform, the Situational Awareness Dashboard, that comes as a standard with Safety Cloud. It is designed to enable coordinating agencies across jurisdictions to work together.

Outlook: With the increasing number of vehicles on road, road safety is paramount. Modern vehicles come with features based on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) technologies to reduce the risk of collisions. HAAS’ offering is built to enhance these features and provide security where the risk is highest on road. It has raised $5M in seed funding to scale sales and for vehicle-to-vehicle and V2X technology partnerships.

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