The healthcare industry is one of the biggest in the world and it is important for healthcare systems to communicate and coordinate to facilitate efficiency. The exponential growth in technology recently has transformed the healthcare sector and will continue to going forward. Technology is no longer seen as enabling business growth but driving it, and emerging technologies in pharma are fundamental for operations and value chain. 


In the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence has the potential to radically change how systems work, interact with and care for patients. Implementation of AI is the next step following big data and analytics system usage to unlock and access extensive amounts of data. AI allows users to access real-time data with little effort and it is this efficiency that’s expected to revolutionize the healthcare industry in terms of emerging technology trends.


The report Emerging Technology Trends Survey – Pharma 2019 assesses technologies that will emerge over the next 3 years in the pharmaceutical industry. It will take a deep dive into the latest technology opportunities in pharma and looks to identify technologies that will impact the sector in the near future. 


Key highlights include:


  • Overview of new technologies and current attitudes of business leaders towards technologies
  • Identify challenges in the pharmaceutical industry to help develop new technologies to solve these issues
  • Understand how technology is being applied in the healthcare industry
  • Take a look at artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cybersecurity and their significance in pharma


Gain an understanding of emerging technologies and how they can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. Identify key trends and investment opportunities in pharma. 

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